L.A. Cetto Nebbiolo

There isn’t much red wine made in Mexico, so I set out to find one today (and at a reasonable price!). This one is a touch too sweet at first (maybe it doesn’t help that I ate a grapferuit right before), but it has the right amount tannins in it; I really like wines with a lot of tannins. Let’s see if we finish this bottle before we leave for the airport in 3 hours! Tomorrow, back in Montreal, back to the routine and the cold. At least I have some tequila and rum to warm me up (future posts on here, for sure!).

2 thoughts on “L.A. Cetto Nebbiolo

  1. Grapefruit is very good for you, not for your palate before wine a tasting 😉 Interesting to see Nebbiolo made in Mexico. This grape variety is not grown in many places outside of North Italy. CHeers


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